How to take your pet on a trip?

Many people feel better when they are accompanied. And especially when accompanied by a pet. Here are a few things you can do to make sure your pet travels well.


Animals are becoming an increasingly important part of people's lives. Pets are those used by their owners as companions, not to be alone. Pets are most often: cats, dogs, rabbits, guinea pigs and many others. When you want to go on a trip, it becomes difficult to separate from your companion that you love so dearly. There are several options available to you, either the animal is kept by an animal care centre or it travels with you. The second option is difficult to consider because it requires certain restrictions in certain cases

Arrangements for pets on flights

It is obvious that travelling by car or train can allow you to travel with your pet. This is not the case if you have to take a plane. Several restrictions are made by the airlines. You will be able to take your nanny in the hold of the plane, in the cabin or as cargo.  This will depend on the type of aircraft, the destination of the aircraft and the characteristics of your pet. To do this you need to have information about the rules set by the airline. Generally, you should have all the necessary vaccinations for your pet, put it in a bag, a cage... Carry a health certificate attesting that your pet is healthy enough to travel. Give your pet some medication to help it relax before the flight.