Getting to know African tourist destinations

Africa is also a good tourist destination because of its landscape and some of its endemic wonders. More people are interested in Africa because of its culture, landscape, colonial past and especially the richness of its fauna and flora. Read on to find out more.

Africa and its riches

The African continent is made up of fifty-four countries with a variety of cultures and languages. Most of its surface area is covered by desert.  Its colonial past still leaves vestiges that make certain cities of the continent great tourist attractions. Nature with its reliefs, waterfalls, beaches, large residences and five-star hotels for luxury lovers. Africa is the second largest forest reserve thanks to the Congo basin. You will find animal and plant species that cannot be found elsewhere. Your dream destinations may be Europe, America, but Africa is no less.

Some places that attract more tourists to Africa

Some countries have a strong potential to attract tourists, while others do not. The islands have the advantage: Mauritius and the Seychelles allow you to swim in the most beautiful beaches of the continent. If you want to admire one of the most beautiful waterfalls, it's undoubtedly the Lake Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe.  Don't visit Tunisia without visiting the Great Mosque of Kairouan, Botswana without a view of the Kalahari Desert. And if you go to Egypt, take the opportunity to discover the pyramids of Giza, one of the wonders of our time. Every African country, however small, has something to offer. If you want to see how a whole village lives on the water take a trip to the lake village of Ganvié in Benin, a small neighbouring country of Nigeria.


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